Muhammad The Last Prophet

Muahmmad (SAW) is the last prophet of the world. He is the teacher and the preacher of right thing to the world. In this video it is seen the the activities of the Muhammad. It is not actually a movie it is like a documentary
This film shows a humorous and lively animation of the Prophets life and portrays his companions in a lovable way along with his foe’s as cartoon like baddies, depicting on their much annoying qualities, for example Abu Lahab is shown as money greedy and Abu Jahl is shown as hungry for power, similar to Jafar from Aladdin.

The Prophet is shown in a kind and compassionate way and his journey of delivering the message of worshipping the One God allows the viewer to embark on this adventure and intrigues them to find out more about the details of what actually did happen.

The movie is suitable for young children with eager minds allowing them to develop skills in character analysis and subtleties of conversation, this is a family film and one most enjoyable to watch on a cosy day in.

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