Quran Translation In Bangla

Quran is the main source of Islamic Shariah. It is the most read Books. It is the books which has no error. It is the kalam or speech of “ALLAH”.
Today i will give you the link of Quran and it’s Translation which will help you to read Quran at a new interest.

Firstly you have to download the “Zekr” Quran translation software.
it is below:

If you want to read the Quran in Bengali then you have to download the translation of Quran in Bangla called “Maareful Quran by Muhiuddin Khan”
 Quran Translation in Bangla
If you want to know how to install of work it. Then you can download this pdf file:

Way of install the software
If you want to get all this at a time. then you can click
Quran,Java & Translation